ERE Graduate Option Past Theses and Projects

Previous graduates of the ERE option have written theses on topics including regional water resource management, sustainable wastewater treatment, renewable and hydrogen energy systems, and watershed restoration. A thesis represents the culminating experience in the graduate program, and allows for detailed, independent exploration of a topic of particular interest to the student. A representative list of past theses in the ERE graduation option is provided below.

  • On site processes and collection systems assessment in the WAWTTAR computer program.; Reina, Jenny.; 2002
  • Artificial neural network and Monte Carlo optimization for reservoir operation.; Klein, Stephen James.; 1999
  • Management model for determining optimal watershed management strategies for reducing lake total phosphorus concentration : application to Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon.; Anderson, Jeffrey K.; 1998
  • Evaluation of the economic methodology of a computer based water and wastewater treatment technology selection aid.; Madigan, John H.; 1998
  • Horizontal zonation of periphyton in Hanks Marsh, Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon. ; Forbes, Margaret George.; 1997
  • Groundwater-surface water interaction in a Hawaiian aquifer system.; Girard, Geoffrey Kent.; 1996
  • Potential importance of sulfate reduction in constructed wetlands and implications of sulfate data from Arcata Wastewater Treatment Marsh No. 2.; Sullivan, Evan D. ; 1994
  • Optimal groundwater management with GIS applications for the Blue Lake Aquifer of Humboldt County, California. Galef, Jeffrey. 2006
  • One-dimensional steady state mass and heat transport model of humidification in a proton exchange membrane fuel cell.; Gopal, Anand
  • Application of WAWTTAR for peri-urban wastewater treatment process selection: a case study.; Cross, Gregory Bratton.; 2002;
  • Simulation of partially saturated-saturated flow in the Casper Creek E-Road groundwater system.; Fisher, Jason C.; 2000
  • Conceptual 3-D finite element model of groundwater flow and saltwater intrusion in the Elk River Aquifer.; Hayler, Charles E.; 2000
  • Experimental study of the relationship between formation factor, porosity, and cementation.; Harig, Michael D.; 1999
  • Thermal analysis of an Altus 20 electrolyzer in a solar driven application. ; Jacobson, Arne.; 1997
  • Effects of slow sand filtration on the quality of wastewater treatment marsh effluent.; Walch, M. Therese.; 1997
  • Non-linear programming for the optimal design and planning of a soil vapor extraction system.; Shiota, Marc Elliot.; 1996
  • Efficacy of ultraviolet disinfection of wetland wastewater effluent.; Wilson, Mike. ; 1996
  • Engineering design procedure for a solar hydrogen fuel cell system.; Olmstead, Paul M.; 1995
  • Schatz Energy Research Center : a strategic plan and fuel cell learning curve analysis.; Parra, Christine E.; 1995
  • Environmental factors and predicted response of mercury levels in fish at Clear Lake, California.; Young, Laura C.; 1995
  • Alternative automotive air conditioner simulation and evaluation.; Cutting, John Buck.; 1994
  • Study of the IHS transform by way of error coverages.; Mandel, Robert A.; 1994
  • Mica Creek : a hydrologic study of an urban watershed and wetland.; Welle, Patricia M.; 1994
  • Experimental design approach for parameter estimation in coastal aquifers.; Khan, Tahir H.; 1989
  • Optimal aquifer remediation design with nonlinear sorption.; Smith, William A.; 1993
  • Optimal conjunctive management of a seasonal water supply : a case study of the Mad River Basin.; Zhang, Daoshuai.; 1993
  • Sampling design for residential solid waste composition analysis.; Boisson, Edward T.; 1991
  • Stochastic optimization of municipal water use for a conjunctive water supply system.; Lydon, Donna Marie.; 1991
  • Solute transport in saturated sand using x-ray computed tomography.; Steude, John S. ; 1991
  • Stochastic analysis of well development for the Pampa del Tamarugal, Chile.; Zender, Lynn.; 1991
  • Stochastic analysis of estuarine hydrodynamics with uncertain tidal boundary conditions.; Hibler, Lyle.; 1990
  • Stochastic analysis of a one-dimensional tidally driven estuary.; Militello, Adele. ; 1990
  • Optimal control of saltwater intrusion : application for the Jakarta groundwater basin.; Samsuhadi.; 1990
  • Stochastic analysis of one dimensional, steady estuarine flow : boundary condition and parameter uncertainty.; Wu, Chia-ling.; 1990

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