Bower ERE Scholarship & Landau Award

Bower ERE Scholarship:  Awarded once a year to a randomly chosen ERE student who has passed thermodynamics (ENGR 331).  The sponsor for this award is ERE alumnus, Jay Bower, P.E.  Mr. Bower is currently President and CEO of Landau Associates. Award amount is $1,000.

Semester Bower ERE Scholarship
2017Jeremy Potter
2016Mary Krieger
2015Lucas Holland
2014Peter Seidel

Landua Award (active 2004-2015): Awarded once a year to a randomly chosen ERE student who has passed thermodynamics (ENGR 331). Award amount is $500.  Visit the Landau Associates website for more information about the company that sponsors this award, their projects, and careers for engineers.  No longer active; succeeded by Bower Scholarship sponsored by Landau's CEO, Jay Bower.

Semester Landau Award
Spring 2015Jake May
Spring 2014Dustin Revel
Spring 2013Salvador Gonzalez
Spring 2012Daniel Mays
Fall 2011Shira Wedemeyer
Spring 2011Ryan Seng
Fall 2010Giovanna Guevara Flores
Spring 2010Jeffren Ramos
Fall 2009Nicholas Hoffman; Joel Bautista
Spring 2009Catherine Gurin
Fall 2008 
Spring 2008 Karen A. Wetherow
Fall 2007 Tai-Aqua Morgan-Marbet
Spring 2007 Nathan Millet
Fall 2006 Beth Werner
Spring 2006 Charlie Leichtfuss
Fall 2005 Mauria Pappagallo
Spring 2005 Eric Stikes
Fall 2004 Corinna Wachter
Spring 2004 Michael Layton

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