To ERE Students from CNRS Assoc Dean: Please Generate a Plan in DARS Degree Planner

Dear students majoring in a program within the College of Natural Resources and Sciences,
Because of the tight University budget and the reduced funding to the CSU from the state, we are doing our best to closely manage our resources while making sure that you get the classes you need, when you need them. Our best tool for ensuring that happens is the new DARS Degree planner. We are, therefore, counting on you to have a DARS plan on file for at least the next three semesters- and better yet, for each semester remaining to complete your degree. We are currently finalizing the class schedule for Spring 2019, so please help us maximize the chance that seats will be available to you- be sure you have a plan today. 
If you have questions about how to create a DARS Degree plan please visit the link 
Rick Zechman, PhD
Associate Dean, Professor of Biology, IACUC Chair
College of Natural Resources and Sciences
Humboldt State University