Fri, 12/1 - Ateneo ConCiencias (Conscious Science): People of Color in STEM

The Latinx Center will be hosting the Ateneo ConCiencias (Conscious Science): People of Color in STEM this Friday, December 1 in the Goodwin Forum from 1:00-2:30In this series, the HSI STEM & HHMI grant will be presented as tools to resolve problems and complexities in STEM fields. The Ateneo's goal is, through community, to increase our knowledge on these topics in order to empower underrepresented groups in STEM and promote personal, socio-cultural, and professional growth.
Please see the attached flyers, print, and share!
Open to all students!
FREE pizza & drinks!
"Ateneos are cultural spaces that bring individuals together to increase their knowledge on scientific, literary, and artistic topics to enhance students’ personal, socio-cultural, intellectual and professional growth. In our context, we reclaim the ateneo as an open critical space of encounter committed to facilitating learning and convivial research."

For more information or disability accommodations, contact :   707.826.4590