Update Your DARS Plan by Sun, 2/10: Fall '19 Course Scheduling in Progress!

It is time to build the Fall 2019 ERE Course Schedule. We need to know your plan or else we will not offer enough seats in ERE classes.

Please follow the instructions on this page and update your DARS PLAN at least 3 semesters into the future.  Please note below that the design class rotation has changed.  
If you plan to take design electives in the next academic year, please read on.  
For your fall 2019 schedule, choose one or more of the following:
  • 443
  • 475
  • 452   (Placeholder for Water Treatment)
For your spring 2020 schedule, choose one or more of the following: 
  • 418
  • 434
  • 435
  • 451  (Placeholder for WasteWater Treatment)  
  • 477  (Placeholder for the Grid Class)  
 In order to make a good fall schedule, I need to know how many students are planning on taking a course.  Please complete this task by Midnight Sunday February 10.  Thank you!
Elizabeth A. Eschenbach, Ph.D
Department Chair & Professor
Environmental Resources Engineering