Outstanding ERE Graduate Award

One or two graduating ERE students are selected each year for a combination of demonstrated best academic achievement and best professional potential in Environmental Resources Engineering.

Year Outstanding ERE Graduate
2017 Kelly Rodman
2016 Lori Jones
2015 Jairo Luque Villanueva
2014 Lianna Winkler-Prins
2012 Zak Stanko
2011 Ryan Ziels
2010 James Apple
2009 Joanne Boettcher
2008 Erin McDonald
2007 P. Travis James
2006 Adam Siade
2005 Kelly Meiss
2004 Carlos Diaz; Michelle Livesey; Andrew Sorter
2003 Rebecca Teasley
2002 Lynn McIndoo
2001 Matt Kennedy
2000 Tully McCarthy
1999 Joelle Geppert
1998 Joe Riess
1997 Lorrie Morrison
1996 Mike Prinz
1995 Doris Jung
1994 Allyson Traficonte
1993 Lance Faber; Dawn Friend
1992 Peggy Olofson
1991 Joy Matsukawa
1990 Chris Malone; Jim Zoellick
1989 Hartmut Fischer
1988 Sarina Ergas
1987 Phil Martien
1986 Ted Cleveland
1985 Martha Jo Ball; Margaret Drumm
1984 Anthony Petroccitto
1983 Rich Corsi
1982 unknown
1981 Rick McGowan
1980 Steve Duval
1979 Bill Popenuck
1978 Steve Leiker
1977 Patricia Ingram
1976 Len Yamamoto
1975 Paul Pugner
1974 Victor LeFaber
1973 Deborah Turpen

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