A Few Good Students

Thanks to many, the ERE program has grown from 175 students to over 300 students in the past 5 years.  Having a robust population of ERE students helps us maintain funding sources, as well as allow us to offer more elective classes.

We need to continue to recruit students.  Your story of how the ERE program helped you start your career can help other potential ERE students find their way to Humboldt.  Word of mouth is frequently cited by our students (and academic consultants) as the main reason students come to Humboldt. A five minute talk with a prospective student extolling the virtues of Humboldt and the rewards of an ERE degree can do more to convince a perspective student to come to Humboldt than our website, talks, and careers fairs combined.

What you can do

There is a wide range of things you can do to help us recruit quality students.

  • If you know a high school student or a community college student who is interested in math or sciences, have a short talk with them one-on-one. Let them know about your experience both at Humboldt and what your career has to offer. Most high school students haven't thought in detail about a future career. A few minutes of conversation can pique lifelong pursuit. If they show interest make sure you send them to the ERE website or better yet send us their contact information!
  • If you would like to do more, we are always open to finding new representatives in various regions that would be willing to talk to prospective students about the ERE department. This activity can range from us sending you email addresses of potential local high school students to actively giving talks at high schools in your area. Many high schools science teachers are willing to have engineers come in and talk about how they apply scientific principles in their job. After talking to the students about how a drinking water treatment plant works (for instance) you can tell them about your experience at Humboldt. We have prepared a PowerPoint (5 MB) that can assist you in identifying all the strengths of the ERE department. For more information or ideas, contact the department chair.
  • If you are excited about the opportunity to help the department, we are seeking recruitment coordinators. These coordinators would organize the activities of other Alumni volunteers on a regional basis. New student recruitment is an active duty of the ERE External Advisory Committee . Coordinators will work closely with, or maybe members of the External Advisory Committee. Please contact the department chair if you interested as serving as a ERE department recruitment coordinator.

We gratefully thank you for whatever level of assistance you can provide us in our search for quality students.

How to Apply

So environmental resources engineering sounds interesting, but you are still not sure if Humboldt is right for you? Explore what Humboldt has to offer to both freshman and transfer students.


For paperwork and forms such as major and minor contracts, course planning guides, semester schedules, course rotations, office hours and more, visit our forms page!