Careers & Alumni

Our Engineering students will graduate from Cal Poly Humboldt with the knowledge and skills they need to design and implement systems and think critically to create a more just and sustainable society.

Related Job Titles

The following list is not meant to be all-inclusive; many other job alternatives and titles may exist. Many of the job titles listed require further education.

Energy Systems Engineering

    The Energy Systems degree prepares you for a career in developing, designing, operating, and analyzing clean energy systems.

    • Energy Engineer
    • Environmental Engineer
    • Public Works Engineer
    • Utility Engineer
    • Energy Policy Advocate
    • Building Energy Efficiency Analyst
    • HVAC Engineer
    • Wind Power Analyst/Engineer
    • Solar Power Engineer
    • Energy Storage Systems Engineer
    • Energy Policy Analyst
    • Energy Manager

                          Environmental Resources Engineering

                          Students will graduate from Humboldt prepared for work in industry, private practice, or government, or for continued studies in graduate school.

                          • Air Pollution Engineer
                          • Consulting Engineer
                          • Design Engineer
                          • Ecological Engineer
                          • Energy Management Engineer
                          • Environmental Engineer
                          • Fisheries Engineer
                          • Geo-Environmental Engineer
                          • Hydrologist

                          Mechanical Engineering

                            • Aerospace engineer
                            • Automotive engineer
                            • Biomedical engineer
                            • Construction engineer
                            • Mechanical engineer
                            • Production engineer
                            • Process engineer
                            • Product designer
                            • Structural engineer
                            • Thermal engineer

                                              Engineering & Community Practice, MA

                                                  • Environmental Engineer
                                                  • Water Resources Engineer
                                                  • Engineering Planning and Management
                                                  • Water and Wastewater Engineer
                                                  • Energy Systems Engineer
                                                  • Energy Policy Specialist
                                                  • Environmental Consultant
                                                  • Tribal/Municipal/City Engineer

                                                                                Marketable Skills


                                                                                • Technical report writing
                                                                                • Working as part of a team
                                                                                • Effectively communicate solutions to diverse audiences

                                                                                Recording & Interpreting Data

                                                                                • Measuring, computing, monitoring, inspecting, collecting, identifying and classifying data
                                                                                • Analyzing problems

                                                                                Technical Skills

                                                                                • Design sustainable solutions to meet technical, financial, environmental and societal requirements.
                                                                                • Manage engineering projects
                                                                                • Utilizing renewable resources to solve problems

                                                                                Computer Skills

                                                                                • Developing spreadsheets
                                                                                • Working with statistical packages