Engineering Student Employment

Looking for a job? 

This page includes some resources to assist Environmental Resources Engineering students in finding a job within or outside of the department. Explore the following and click on the links provided for more information.  Humboldt's Handshake website is also an excellent resource for student jobs.  Good luck on your job search!

Places to LookERE JobsTypes of Local Positions
One of the first places to look is Cal Poly Humboldt Handshake, where employers post listings for on and off-campus positions that students can apply for. If you don't know how to use Handshake, contact a Jeffrey S. Novarro mentor.Inquire about being a Learning Center Tutor or Student Assistant.Internships with local consulting firms such as SHN or GHD
Be sure to check the announcement page on the Engineering Virtual Fishbowl on canvas for the latest news, interships, opportunities, jobs, etc! Please contact if you do not have access to this page.
Apply to be a Jeffrey S. Navarro mentor (Applications usually due in April).Internships with local city, state or federal agencies such as City of EurekaRedwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA)Caltrans or NRCS
The Schatz Energy Research Center (SERC) has a few resources for finding positions they've put out a call for applications for. You can look on their jobs page and news page.  SERC usually posts their positions on  Cal Poly Humboldt Handshake as well.

Apply to be an Instructional Student Assistant (ISA).  See job announcement #151 for ERE Lab Assitant/GraderApply before or as the semester begins.

On campus jobs with SERC, CCAT, HEIF
or Faciltiies Management
For additional guidance landing a position, inlcuding polishing your resume or locating jobs and internships to apply for, the Academic Career and Advising Center has student resources that can help.

If you are a Graduate Student, talk with your advisor about the possibility of becoming a Teaching Associate.  See job announcement #104 for ERE TA.

Of course there are many non-engineeirng related jobs to be found on Cal Poly Humboldt Handshake.



How to Apply

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