30+ Undergraduate STEM Related Scholarships

The Institute for Broadening Participation (IBP) is hosting mulptile scholarships on their web-site. With 30+ Undergraduate Scholarships, 40+ Masters Graduate Funding, and 40+ Ph.D Graduate Funding oprotunities in STEM areas, there are opprotunities for every STEM student. 


Follow this link to their web-site for all the listings: https://pathwaystoscience.org/programs.aspx?u=Undergrads_Undergraduate+Students&r=&s=&i=&sa=either&p=YesPortable&o=either&c=either&f=&dd=&ft=&submit=y&adv=adv


IBP also has resources to help build a strong applications: https://pathwaystoscience.org/toolbox.aspx#Summer%20Research%20Experiences


Finally, Liv Detrick from IBP encourages students to contact her directly with any questions on how to use our online search to find funding opportunities. Email: ldetrick@ibparticipation.org