New environmental engineering courses available at Clemson University this Summer.

Next summer Clemson University is offering three dual level Environmental Engineering courses:

EES 4010/6010 Introduction to Environmental Engineering 

EES 4020/6020 Water and Waste Engineering 

EES 4850/6850 Hazardous Waste Management 

These courses are open to transient students but graduate level courses will differ from the undergraduate level courses by requiring a course-related term paper.  Email with any questions as enrollment in the summer courses will be made available online soon.

Register for classes here:

 EES 4010/6010 Environmental Engineering, 3 credit hours May 17-June 24, 2020:‐6010.html

 EES 4020/6020 Water and Waste Treatment Systems, 3 credit hours June 29-August 8, 2020:‐6020.html

 EES 4850/6850 Hazardous Waste Management, 3 credit hours June 29-August 8, 2020:‐6850.html