Paid Internships with Hispanic Access Foundation's MANO Project: Apply by Jan 15!

Hispanic Access Foundation’s MANO Project is offering enriching PAID internship opportunities nationwide for Latino college students and upcoming professionals who are passionate about public land conservation and natural resources. These opportunities are available for talented Latino students and recent grads who may be interested in getting work experience with a federal land management agency.

We're currently recruiting for 2 Engineering Technician positions to serve as Resource Assistants (RA) with the US Forest Service for 6 months. The RAs will be paid a $690 weekly stipend plus a $1,000 monthly housing stipend, with additional funds reserved for work travel and professional development.

  • U.S. Forest Service RA Program: Deadline January 15, 2021 


Applications can be submitted through our website: My Access to a Network of Opportunities (MANO) ProjectPlease see our application website for more information. Interested candidates may contact us by email with any questions regarding internships. We appreciate your support in sharing these opportunities with students and your network.

Thank you!

The MANO Project