Tesfa Yacob Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


Tesfayohanes Yacob is an environmental engineer who is passionate about access to clean water and hygienic living environment for all communities regardless of economic status. In his research and service work, he has focused on innovative point of use drinking water treatment technologies, and wastewater treatment from various sources. He has researched various technologies including filtration, adsorption, coagulation/precipitation, ligand complexation, biological, and thermo-chemical.  The source of the wastewater ranged from mine waste rock, flow back from hydraulic fracturing activity, and domestic sources. Prior to joining Humboldt, Dr. Yacob taught for four years at Messiah College and Saint Francis University. His teaching experience includes water and wastewater treatment, hazardous waste and air pollution management, environmental transport processes, fluid mechanics, appropriate technology for developing communities, senior capstone design, physics I and II, and engineering dynamics. He enjoys hiking, taking long walks, listening to audiobooks, and yoga.


ENGR 210 - Statics
ENGR 443/543 - Groundwater Hydrology
ENGR 492 - Capstone Design (co-taught with Prof Peter Alstone)

BS Chemical Engineering, Addis Ababa University
Ph.D. Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Colorado at Boulder
Tesfa Yacob Ph.D.
(707) 826-3618
HGH 102