General Education Requirements

Because Environmental Resources Engineering (ERE) is classified as a high-unit major, ERE students are not required to take as many General Education courses as most Humboldt students. ERE majors are required to take 24 General Education units beyond the ERE major requirements. These requirements are outlined in the tables below.

There are two columns of units in the tables. The "Total Units" column represents the requirements of Cal Poly Humboldt. The "Beyond Major" column represents what courses Environmental Resources Engineering students need to take beyond the major requirements to meet the Cal Poly Humboldt Requirements. For example, Cal Poly Humboldt requires all students to take at least 9 units in Area B (Science). Environmental Resources Engineering students do not to take any units beyond the major requirement in Area B because the Environmental Resources Engineering major fulfills this requirement.

The areas in blue indicate General Education requirements that are met with major courses. The nine Area C courses must be in three different disciplines. A list of these disciplines and the current General Education courses can be found in the course catalog. In addition, you can view the current courses in each discipline on your DARS report.


Lower Division GE RequirementsTotal UnitsBeyond Major
Area A: English 100 and Speech 100
COMM 100 and Critical Thinking - Met by ERE Curriculum
Area B: Science - Met by ERE Curriculum90
Area C: Arts, Literature, Philosophy and Humanities99

Area D: Human, Social and Political, Economic Institutions (6 units met by institutional requirements, below, and 3 units of lower division Area D met by ENGR curriculum)



In addition to lower division General Education requirements, each student is required to take 9 units of Upper Division General Education (300 level or higher) courses beyond the major requirements. To obtain depth in General Education, it is recommended that ERE students select at least one grouping of one lower and one upper division General Education course from related areas. In each case the lower division course provides basic material as a foundation for the upper division course.


Upper Division GE RequirementsTotal UnitsBeyond Major
Area C and D: 3 units each in area C and D
(3 units met by ERE Curriculum)

Area E: Lifelong Understanding & Integration of Self - Met by ERE Curriculum (effective with catalog year 2012/13)



American Institutional and Diversity and Common Ground Requirements

Humboldt has two other requirements for graduation: Diversity and Common Ground and American Institutions requirements. You can plan your General Education courses to simultaneously fulfill your Diversity and Common Ground Requirements. General Education courses marked in the course catalog with an asterisk can fulfill both requirements.


RequirementTotal UnitsBeyond Major
Institutional Requirements (6 units)
United States History
United States Institutions and Calif. State and Local Govt.
Diversity & Common Ground Requirement (2 courses)
May be met by GE and/or major courses



How to Apply

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