Major Requirements

Effective Fall 2014, the ERE major requires a total of 120 units, including General Education.  Forty-five of the total units are lower division major courses and 39 units of upper division major courses. In addition, students must choose 3 design electives and one upper division science elective.  A challenging four year graduation plan may be found at the link in the Course Selection Advice section. Many students with transfer credits and other interests schedule a different route through the major. These students often find it easiest to schedule their courses using the department flow chart which graphically links the required course by their prerequisites.

Water Quality Monitoring Fuel Cell Demonstration

Engineering 351 students monitor a creek in Redwood National Park (Left), while Engineering 115 students investigate the efficiency of fuel cells (Right)

CourseLower Division Major Courses Units
MATH 109, 110, 210Calculus I, II, III12
CHEM 109, 110General Chemistry I, II10
BIOL 105Principles of Biology4
PHYX 211 (formerly PHYX 110)General Physics II: Electricity, Heat4
ENGR 115Intro. to Environmental Science & Engineering3
ENGR 210Solid Mechanics: Statics3
ENGR 211Solid Mechanics: Dynamics3
ENGR 215Introduction to Design3
ENGR 225Computational Methods for Environmental Engineering I3
CourseUpper Division Major Courses Units
ENGR 313Economics & Systems Analysis3
ENGR 322Environmental Data Modeling and Analysis4
ENGR 325Computational Methods for Environmental Engineering II3
ENGR 326Computational Methods for Environmental Engineering III3
ENGR 330Mechanics and Science of Materials3
ENGR 331Thermodynamics and Energy Systems I3
ENGR 333Fluid Mechanics4
ENGR 351Water Quality and Environmental Health4
ENGR 410Environmental Impact Assessment3
ENGR 416Transport Phenomena3
ENGR 440Hydrology I3
ENGR 492Capstone Design Project3

*All course descriptions for the classes listed in the above tables are located at the Humboldt Office of Registrar Catalog webpage under the Course Description section for each respective subject.

How to Apply

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