Library Resources

The HSU library is a valuable resource for ERE students. This page highlights library web resources that are relevant to ERE students.

Using the Library

The library faculty have put together several resources to assist you in using the library.

Library Research Tutorials

A collection of online tutorials to help you navigate researching with HSU's library.

Library Research in ERE

A collection of online tutorials and resources pertaining specifically to researching topics related to ERE.

Citation of Web Pages

The bottom of this module has a list of web pages describing different methods of citing web pages.

Related Resources

Some supplementary materials not specifically for ERE, but that may be helpful for ERE students conducting research.

Environment Impact Statements

A guide to finding all current or in progress EIS/EIR documents available in the library or online

Geospatial Resources

Digital geospatial resources available on-line and from HSU's Library web site


Aerial Photographs and USGS topographic maps

How to Apply

So environmental resources engineering sounds interesting, but you are still not sure if HSU is right for you? Explore what HSU has to offer to both freshman and transfer students.


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