Alden Burrows Engineering Scholarship

Awarded in honor of former Humboldt Engineering professor: Alden Burrows. One student each year is recognized for outstanding leadership and academic excellence in Statics and Dynamics. Award amount is currently $1,000.

YearAlden Burrows Engineering Scholarship
2024Neeshelle Jaimes, Mikayla Munson
2023Tatiana Gamboa
2022Claire Ingvoldsen
2021Jacoby Taylor
2020Anissa Stull
2019Fiona Conner
2018Sabrinna Rios Romero
2017Kelsey Burrell
2016Kelly Rodman
2015Jax Gill
2014Heidi Otten
2013Karen Stufkosky
2012Alisha Sughroue
2011Lianna Winkler-Prins
2010Jessica Bruce
2009Nanette Nickerson
2008Karen Wetherow

How to Apply

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