GHD Leadership Award

Awarded to one ERE junior or senior each year for demonstrated leadership in the ERE department or through ERE sponsored clubs such as ERESA, SWE, EWB or RESU. The award will recognize a student of high technical competence who also shows leadership potential and desire to help advance the field of environmental engineering. Award amount is typically $1,000.

YearGHD Leadership Award
2023Lacey Harrigan 
2022Connor White
2021Liszet Burgueno
2020Fiona Connor
2019Jesus Rincon
2018Karsten Hayes
2017Ahron Cervania
2016Neftali Eunice Romero
2015Joanna Murphy
2014Sara Newell
2013Camille Penny
2012Enrique Diaz; Elisabeth Johsnon-Flores
2011Kendra Miers
2010Claudine Custodio; Nathan Chase
2009James Apple
2008Charles L. Sharpsteen
2007Erin McDonald
2006Kristine Backman
2005Michael Moore
2004Bryan Jungers
2003Gina Giacone
2002Ted Kulongoski
2001Sangam Tiwari

How to Apply

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