Roscoe-Schenler Award

Awarded in honor of two former HSU Engineering professors: Jim Roscoe and Bill Schenler. One or two Sophomore/Junior ERE students each year are recognized for outstanding potential in Environmental Resources Engineering. Award amount varies depending on interest rates (typically $500-$1000).

YearRoscoe-Schenler Award
2020Claire Bareilles; Thomas Rodriguez; Caleb Dedmore
2019Roger Turlington; Francisco Alvarez; Chris Fabbri
2018Jack Lisin; Hanna Phillips
2017Merissa Coello; Eli Wallach
2016Joseph Caminiti; Murielle Manka
2015Lori Jones
2014Brendan Byrd
2013Luke Halonen
2012Ryan A. Brown; Lianna Winkler-Prins
2011Ian Snyder; John Hunter
2010Brett Vivyan; Zachary Stanko
2009Ryan Ziels
2008James J. Apple
2007Neil Berezovsky; Cameron Bracken
2006Bob Tingleff
2005Travis James; Andrea Castro
2004Kris Baker; Auriah Milanes
2003Douglas Saucedo
2002Carlos Diaz
2001Lynn McIndoo
2000Lonny Grafman; Jennifer Johnston
1999Tully McCarthy
1998Antonio Reis
1997Greg Chapman
1996Mark Grondona
1995Michiko Mares
1994Wendy Humphries; Giovanni Del Papa
1993Doris Jung
1992Joan Kahn
1991Micki McKinley; Judy Wartella
1990Susan Firor
1989Jim Zoellick
1988Joy Matsukawa
1987Sarina Ergas; Hartmut Fischer
1986Richard Mayberry
1985Phil Martien

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