RESU Club History

Renewable Energy Student Union (RESU) Club History

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2018-2019 Academic Year
President: Hanna Phillips
Vice President/SoRMS Manager: Tina Ortega
Treasurer: Craig Mitchell
Secretary: Lowen Hobbs
Adviser: Arne Jacobson

Planned Spring 2019 Activities:

  • Solar Regatta
  • PG&E Natural Gas Plant Tour
  • Samoa Biomass Plant Tour
  • Ongoing SoRMS Maintenance

Fall 2018 Activities:

  • Bike blender
  • New Faculty Lectures (TBD)
  • Calibrate SoRMS pyranometer
  • Upgrade SoRMS pyranometer mount
  • HSU Solar Radiation Monitoring Station (SoRMS)
  • Rock Creek Ranch projects (TBD)
  • HEIF proposal(s)
2017-2018 Academic Year

President: Xavier Hernandez
Vice President: Hanna Phillips
Treasurer: Christina Ortega 
Secretary: Jessica Ramirez

Club Activities for Spring 2018:

  • HEIF proposal(s)
  • Bike blender
  • New faculty lectures (TBA)
  • Rock Creek Ranch projects (TBD)
  • RESU reunion
  • Off grid repair workshop (TBD)
  • HSU Solar Radiation Monitoring Station (SoRMS)
2016-2017 Academic Year

group photo

President: Richard Williams
Vice President: 
Tony Sanchez
Shaela Hogue
Hanna Phillips

Academic Year Accomplishment
This last academic year RESU held our third RESU Reunion on March 31st where we had dinner and networking with RESU/ ERE almuni. RESU was also an active and supporting club for the Department of Energy's Race to Zero Competition. ERE graduate student and RESU member, Jacob Rada, led a PV panel IV-Curve testing workshop related to his thesis work. The club also continued its maintenance and operation of the 10 year standing Solar Radiation Monitoring Station (SoRMS) - a joint solar raditaon data acquisition station between Humboldt State and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). 

2015-2016 Academic Year

President: Lori Jones
Vice President: Robert Toledo III
Secretary: Richard Williams
Treasurer: Maria Diaz
SoRMS Coordinator: Robert Toledo III

This year, RESU participated in the Northern California Solar Regatta, hosted by SMUD. The club obtained a used aluminum row boat and retrofitted it to be powered by two solar panels. They competed in Sacramento on May 14 in the official race.

Additionally, RESU members successfully competed in the Department of Energy’s Race to Zero competition this year.

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