Robert W. Campbell Sr. Scholarship

The Robert W Campbell Sr. Scholarship is funded by Humboldt alumni Robert W. Campbell in honor of his father. This award recognizes Engineering students who have demonstrated that they are successful in the major and have financial need. Preference is given to intercollegiate athletes and students who have demonstrated commitment to the program.  This scholarship includes a financial award of $1000 or more. 

*In the past, one or more scholarships were awarded annually to an engineering or nursing student with financial need. 

YearRobert Campbell Scholarship
2024Zachary Thomas Sherman
2023Elizabeth Odell, Minh Truong
2022Michael Castellino
2021Malia Seeley; Andie Kolasinski; Romel Robinson
2020Malia Seeley; Micah Chitraroff; Elizabeth Odell; Cavyn Simon; Brendan Brinton; Patricia Angeles; Austin Payne
2019Malia Seeley; Jacob Aguilera
2018Francisco Alvarez; Hannah Gidanian; Brayden Leach; Annie Roberts 
2008Trel Mollier Mangari
2007Andrea Wurster

How to Apply

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