Writing Check List for ERE Technical Reports and Lab Reports

Before submitting your lab or technical reports, please check for the following conventions and formats. Your written work MUST conform to these conventions and formats or it will not be accepted. If these conventions are not met, the instructor has the discretion of either not accepting your work at all or asking you to resubmit the work with proper conventions and your grade will be docked as late. 

All sources should be cited following ASCE citation style in the report text and all citations should be matched with their reference in your Reference section. Example citation: Changes in the propagation of sound with velocity are dictated by the Doppler effect expressed as follows (Sears and Zemansky, 1970). Example reference for this citation: Sears, F.W. and Zemansky M.W. University Physics. Addison-Wesley, Menlo Park, CA, 4th Edition, Chapter 23 

  • All tables must have a table header above the table. 
  • All figures must have a figure caption below the figure. 
  • Table headings and figure captions should be numbered in the order in which they appear in your report. 
  • Figures must have only ONE caption – remove the title at the top that EXCEL generates. 
  • All graphs must have axes labeled with units. 
  • Use superscript and subscript fonts when appropriate. Do not use ^ or _ to denote superscript (^) or subscript (_) 
  • Equations must be created using an equation editor. 
  • When writing decimal values include the leading zero, it helps prevent misreading the value. Example: correct- 0.33 cm; incorrect- .33 cm 
  • All figures must have high quality resolution - no fuzzy figures.


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