Equipment Handbook

Equipment Inventory Database

ERE students and faculty can check the Equipment Inventory Database to find the location of equipment, chemicals or other lab asset.

Equipment Tech Sheets

Below is a partial list of equipment that students use throughout the program. These informative pages have instructions on how to use and calibrate the instruments. These pages were originally made by ENGR 115 students, and some have quizzes to make sure you know how to use them properly.

Carbon Dioxide Meter

This meter is used in indoor air quality experiment to track carbon dioxide and temperature changes

Multi Meter

A multi meter is small portable device that can be used to measure voltage, current resistance, or to test diodes

Power Meter

The power meter can track watts, kilowatts consumed, and an estimate on the cost of using the appliance


A pyranometer measures the amount of solar radiation (power) the sun produces in a specific location

Vapor Compression Refrigeration System

This system introduces students to the principles, properties, materials, components and thermodynamics of refrigeration

How to Apply

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