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The ERE Messenger is a periodic newsletter published by the Environmental Resources Engineering Student Association (ERESA) providing news and views about students, staff, and alumni of the ERE program.  Current and back issues are viewable here:


IssueAlumni ProfilesArticles
Spring 2020Dave Roberts (1989)

Andrea Alstone (2009)

Ryan Mayfield (1998)

ERE Program Strength: Energy Resources
   by Peter Alstone

Anticipate and Avoid: Meet ERE Lecturer Bob Brown
   by Bob Brown

Searching for climate change solutions? Look under your feet!
   by Sintana Vergara

Fall 2019Nancy Charco (ERE Senior)

Romel Robinson (ERE Senior)

ERE Program Strength: Water Quality
   by Eileen Cashman

Jo Archilbald and Tesfa Yacob Join ERE as Full-Time Lectures
   by Jo Archilbald and Tesfa Yacob. Introduction by Beth Eschenbach

From ERE to the Public Health Service Commissioned Corps: A Personal and Professional Journey
   by LT Dara Zimmerman

ERE Emeritus Professor Robert Gearheart Receives National Wetlands Award
   by Eileen Cashman

Spring 2019Jordan Burrows Ludtke (2017)


Jacob McQuirk (1999)

Energy Resources in ERE: The Beginning
   by Peter Lehman, Ph.D


Western Weather Group: Using weather information to make operational decisions
   by Nathan Lohse


Why Engineering?: It was the right choice for me!
   by Roberto Rivera


Get Up! Stand Up!: And seek elected public office
   by Mary Burke

Fall 2018Nathan Lohse (2010) 


Randi Field (1999)


Chris Malone (1990)

Remembering the "First" Humboldt Engineering Program
   by Allan M. Baird


Geoscientists Without Borders
   by Margaret Lang, Ph.D 


Balancing ERE and Athletics
   by Jocelyn Barber and Karsten Hayes 


Joe Ryan Brings a Semester of Organic Chemistry, HAZWOPER, and More to ERE
   by Joe Ryan, Ph.D 


What Did You Do Last Summer
   by Steven Hopper and Benjamin Goldberg

Spring 2018


Brad Finney (1976)


Chris Whitworth (1988)


Kirk Girard (1988)


Lena Ashley (1985)


Sherry Constancio (1997)


Greg Bundros (1975)


Steve Allen (1996)


J. Rose Patenaude (1999)


Marty Lay (1973)


Andy Sorter (2004)


Richard Engel (1988)


Allison Campbell (2014)


Stephen Davidson (1977)


Jim Zoellick (1990)


Mary Burke (2011)


Stephen Kullman (2009)


Antonio Llanos (1996)

50 Years of ERE Impact on Humboldt County
   by Charles M. Anderson, Ph.D

Our Story
-Retail Service
-Public Utilities
-Research and Education
-Elected/Appointed Officials
-Volunteer Service
   by various Alumni

Fall 2017Greg Stevens (1998)


David Barr (1986)


Glen LaPalme (1997)

Ali Moradi, Sintana Vergara, and Margarita Otero-Diaz Join ERE Department
   by Beth Eschenbach, Ph.D, Ali Moradi, Ph.D, Sintana Vergara, Ph.D, and Margarita Otero-Diaz, Ph.D


How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Netherlands
   by Chris Coutinho


SHPE: Society of Hispanic Professional Engineer: Why YOU should join!
   by Jairo Luque Villanueva


Spring 2017Clayton Guiraud (1999)


Meg Harper (2012)


Greg Gearheart (1992)

A Working Perspective: From retired ERE grad Mary Lay
   by Marty Lay


Dakota Access Pipeline: Environmental Considerations
   by Jordan Ludtke


The Engineering Design Process of Utility Solar: An overview
   by Rowan Bechensten, George Szabo, and Nolan Kloer 


American Society of Civil Engineers
   by Nathan Stevens 


ERE Student Team is Outstanding Winner at 2017 Math Modeling Contest
   by Brad Finney, Ph.D 


Patricia DuRant: A Tribute 

   by Eunice Romero

Fall 2016Cherie Blatt (1990)


Matt Hillyard (2001)


Nolan Kloer (2013)

Peter Alstone and Liza Boyle Join ERE Department
   by Beth Eschenbach, Ph.D, Peter Alstone, Ph.D, Liza Boyle, Ph.D


Engineering Fest
   by Kaileigh Vincent-Welling 


Swale and Summer 2016 Update
   by Lonny Grafman 


Dams and Dam Removal: An introduction
   by Steve Romero 


In Memoriam
Humboldt CE and ERE Founding Faculty Member Charles Milton "Jim" Roscoe 1923-2016
   by the family of Jim Roscoe 


In Memoriam
Nicholas Colton Anderson 1991-2016
   by Richela Maeda


Dia de los Muertos: Remembering our loved ones through tradition
   by Tanya Garcia

Spring 2016Rob Salcido (1990)


Connie Gutowsky (1998)


Ryan Patrick Dunne (2014)

ERE Students Support Blue Lake Rancheria Climate Action Plan
   by Jana Ganion 


Jeffrey S. Navarro Mentorship Program
   by Jax Gill and Jason McMack 


Research Abroad, Lessons at Home: Visiting faculty member Leslie Miller-Robbie
   by Lesie Miller-Robbie 


Balancing ERE and Life
   by Terran Hilden, Kaileigh Vincent-Welling, and Laura Wallance 


Salt River Ecosystem Restoration Project
   by Heidi Otten

Fall 2015Luke Armbruster (2013)


Lorrie Bundy (1999)


Avram Pearlman (2005)

Kerri Hickenbottom Joins the ERE Faculty
   by Kerri Hickenbottom, Ph.D


From ERE to Ph.D: Taking the high(er education) road
   by Ryan Ziels 


Radical Sabbaticals
  Heidi Otten, Brad Finney, Ph.D, Margaret Lang, Ph.D 


Renewable Energy Student Union: Real hand-on projects that support the community
   by Douglas Saucado, Kristen Radescsky, Julian Quirk, Lori Jones 

Think Outside the Cubicle:Combining ERE and MBA
   by James Robinson IV 


The GRE Test: The Graduate Record Examination who, what, when, where, why, and how?
   by Lianna Winkler-Prins

Spring 2015Kevin Hansen (1985


Andy Sorter (2004)


Charles Roecklein (1981)

Creating Your Own Consulting Firm: One person's path
   by Michael Love 


Engineers Without Border: Enhancing your personal and professional life
   by Brett Vivyan 


Brazilian Student Experience at Humboldt
   by Ellen Aparecida Nascimento Molina 


Zen and the Art of Engineering: ... in other words, find a balance
   by Terrence K. Williams Jr. 


Civil Engineering Licensure in California: An overview
   by Tyler Duncan 


Grad School or a Job?: After ERE, what's next?
   by Simeon Haynes 


ERE Design Electives: How do you choose?
   by Heidi Otten


ERE Announcements, Awards, & Competitions
   by Heidi Otten, Mike Anderson, Ph.D, Brad Finney, Ph.D


ERE Student Team is Outstanding Winner: International Math Modeling Contest
   by Brad Finney, Ph.D 


ERE Prof Arne Jacobson: Receives Wang Family excellence award
   by Heidi Otten 


In Memoriam

Jeffrey Scott Navarro 1979-2015

   by Jo Murphy

Fall 2014Margaret Tauzer (1985)


Matt Kennedy (2001)


Elisabeth Johnson (2013)

The West African Water Crisis
   by Chike Monwuba, Ph.D


Renewable Hydrogen Production via Waste Heat Recovery
   by David Vernon, Mark Severy, William Karis


Radical Sabbaticals
   by Heidi Otten, Beth Eschenbach, Ph.D, Eileen Cashman, Ph.D


HEIF: The Humboldt Energy Independence Fund
   by Susanne Loutsis


Why SWE Membership Rocks in College and Beyond
   by Ashley Pietz


Summer Internship at NCAR
   by Julian Quick


The Modern FE Exam: Prepare, Persevere, Prosper
   by Brendan Byrd

Spring 2014Bruce Moore (1983)


Suzanne Theiss (1984)


John Rupp (1999)

ERE and Materials Engineering
   by Lianna Winkler-Prins


Graduate Program Options in the Humboldt ERE Department
   by Karen Stufkosky


Staying Upright
   by Steven Pearl


The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers is Coming to Humboldt
   by Jario Luque Villanueva

Fall 2013Jay Bower (1984)


Jonathan Bishop (1983)


Gian Pauletto (1996)

Designing a System to Photograph Tall Trees: The Marty Reed Story
   by Brendan Byrd


My Life-Changing REU in Costa Rica
   by Simeon Haynes


Hybridized Membrane Systems: Professor Andrea Achilli Directs ERE Student Research Projects
   by Lianna Winkler-Prins, Ryan Gustafson, Matthew Jackson, Leabeth Peterson


EWB-NCP in Camoapa, Nicaragua
   by Gabe Salazar


Scholarships: On the search for more money
   by Karen Stufkosky

Spring 2013Eric Zielke (2008)


Patrick Barsanti (1991)


Brad Shipley (1987)

Our ERE Study Group: A success story
   by Kevin Kopp


A Balance of Passions: ERE and rock climbing
   by Nolan Kloer


First Engineering Job
   by David Leopardi


Project Brad and Operation Willis
   by Kayla Williams

Fall 2012Mike Kowalski (2006)


Sheryl Carrubba (1980)


Nathan Lohse (2010)

River Bank Stabilization Using Hybrid Revetment
   by Wes Nickerman


Capstone Demystified
   by Jessica Bruce


Appropriate Technology in the Dominican Republic
   by Taylor Edwards


ERESA Annual Rafting Trip: Never let the truth get in the way of a good story!
   by Lianna Winkler-Prins


REU in Bioengineering at UC Santa Barbara: My summer in the dream life
   by Kayla Williams

Spring 2012Beth Werner (2007)


Kurt Gierlich (1985)


Daniel Joseph (2009)


Louis White (2004)

Andrea Achilli Joins ERE Faculty
   by Andrea Achilli


My REU Investigating Tulip Water Filters
   by Jeffrey Novoa


SERC and Humboldt County's Renewable Energy Future
   by Richard Engel


Modeling Ground-Surface Water Interactions
   by Brian Apple


Internship at the Eureka Flood Center
   by Nanette Nickerson


My Tale of the F.E. Exam
   by Sterling Wallstrum

Spring 2011William Ward (1975)


Martha Brook (1985)


Michael Fritschi (2005)

David Vernon Joins ERE Faculty
   by David Vernon


ERE Team is Outstanding Winner of Int'l Math Modeling Contest
   by Brad Finney Ph.D


ERE Team Wins ASCE Water Treatment Competition
   by Kendra Miers


   by Annie Bartholomew


So, What's in it for Me?: Or, why you might want to join professional societies
   by Sophie Lagace


California's Water Boards: An overview
   by Katie Bowman


Diary of a Math Modeling Dream Team
   by Zak Stanko


Engineering Student-Athlete: Can it be done? Why would you want to?
   by Kayla Williams


Now My Time is Up...
   by Mike Anderson, Ph.D

Fall 2010Ben Bray (2000)


Ben Shuman (1993)


Terry Escarda (1988)

Engineers Without Borders Helping Arcata's Sister City
   Aaron Parker and Luke Armbruster


Survey of ERE BS Alumni Graduating 2004-2007
   by Mike Anderson, Ph.D


Undergrad Research Experience
   by Cailan Halliday


Spotlight on ERE Lecturers
   by Mike Anderson, Ph.D, and Tahsa Sturgis


Study Groups
   by Patrick Sullivan


Experience and Advice of a Practicing Engineer
   by Summer Bundy


Environmental Civics Engineering
   by Mel Olesen

Spring 2010Christine Backman (2008)


Frank Garofalow (1993)


Hartman Fischer (1989)

ERE Teams are Meritorious Winners at 2010 Math Modeling Contest
   by Brad Finney, Ph.D


The Evolution of Environmental Engineering
   by Charles Chamberlin, Ph.D


ERESA Coffee Table: (Where everybody knows your name)
   by Kendra Miers


Fall Follies
   by Izzy Konopa


Funding Student's Green Ideas
   by James Robinson IV


Kayaker Extraordinaire
   by Scott Ligare


EWB and RESU Joint Project on Forks of Salmon School
   by Rachel Williams


Field Notes from a Part-Time Lecturer
   by David Kuszmar


Serial Murderers Found
   by Jake Woodbury

Fall 2009Phil Martien (1987)


Leslie Goodbody (1988)

Invasive Spartina & Restoration of the San Francisco Bay Tidal Ecosystem
   by Peggy Olofson


ERE Tries on New Peer Mentor Program
   by Beth Eschenbach, Ph.D


RESU Designing Brownout-sensing Smart Outlet
   by James Apple


ERE Rafting Trip
   by Blair Kinser


ERE & Grammar: Some rules and why you should care
   by Charles M. Anderson, Ph.D


Is There a Santa Claus
   from SPY magazine (January, 1990)


Resumes and Personal Statements: The art of selling yourself
   by Brian Parmer, Grady Koupal, and Nolan Kloer

Spring 2009Sherry Constancio (1997)


Denise McKay (2002)


Tracie Billington (1985)

Drew Gronewold Joins ERE Faculty
   by Drew Gronewold


ERE Moves to a New Home
   by Margaret Lang


Humboldt's Compost Program
   by Luke Armbruster


Humboldt County's Renewable Energy Future
   by Jim Zoellick


Fish Safe Culverts
   by Katy Gurin


An Annual Carbon Budget of Arcata Marsh
   by Mary C. Burke


How Faculty Spend Their "Free" Time
   Brad Finney, Ph.D


Humboldt's Power Max and Green Campus Program: Every plume has a silver lining
   by Jon Mitscha and Green Campus Team


Life After Your ERE Degree...
   by Celeste Robinson

Fall 2004Frank Garofalow (1993)SWE Gears Up for Another Busy Year
   by Jessa Rego


Order of Engineer Ring Ceremony Success
   by Jayne Nordstrom


ERE Awards for the 2003-2004 Academic Year
   by Beth Eschenbach, Ph.D


Overview of 2003-2004 Academic Year
   by Beth Eschenbach, Ph.D


Renewable Energy is Students' Top Priority
   by Stephen Kullman


ASC Policy 465 - "Raising the Bar"
   by Nancy Atkinson


Working at the Schatz Energy Research Center
   by Nicole Campbell, Dave Carter, Justin Daily, Dustin Jolley


Engineers Without Borders Travels to El Salvador
   by Vernon Bevan

Fall 2003Rebecca Crow (1997)


Adele Militello (1990)

ERE Students Win International Math Modeling Competition
   by Terrence K. Williams and Carlos Diaz


Update on the ERE Website
   by Chris Naylor


Engineers Without Border  

  by Bryan Jungers


Peace Corps Experience Brings IDT Student to Humboldt
   by Ted Kulongoski


Where Streets Have No Names
   by Eric Stikes


Students Win Peer Award at ASC Water Quality Competition
   by Beth Werner


New CNRS Lab Fee Will Help ERE Program
   by Beth Eschenbach, Ph.D


Surprise!: Becoming an EIT is possible
   by Adrienne Carter


Get Valuable Hands-On Experience at the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology
   by Kendra Cecil and Dustin Jolley


ERE Students Honored at ASCE/ERE Awards Banquet
   by Jayne Nordstorm


Unbreakable Bonds
   by Sangam Cardoza-Tiwari

Spring 2003Joaquin Wright (2002)ERE Curriculum Changes: Engineering design and computational methods
   by Mike Anderson, Ph.D


Internships for ERE Students
   by Barbara Peters


A Sustainable Agriculture Internship in Willow Creek
   by Charles Lessmann


Removal of Selenium Through Reduction in Anaerobic Soils: A column study
   by Mark Leisenring and Jim Howell


Educating Professionals in Constructed Wetland Technology: or "Isn't a septic leachfield just a vegitated gravelbed...?"
   by Daryl Van Dyke

Spring 2001Jennifer Petrik (1998)ERE Grad Finds Niche in Egypt
   by Jeff Hendrich


   Mike Anderson, Ph.D


Why is SD 17 Empty?
   by Lynn McIndoo and Sangam Tiwari


Expanding Your Horizons
   by Jullian Gayheart


Building Big
   by Heidi Gehlhaar


Former IDT Student Presents Projects in Honduras
   by Linclon Balassa


Wetland Database Improved for EPA
   by Brad Finney Ph.D


SWE Flume Provides Fun for All: On your mark, get set, learn!
   by Lynn McIndoo and Sangam Tiwari


What do YOU Think About the ERE Website?
   by Beth Eschenbach, Ph.D


What Did ERE Students Do Last Summer?
   by John Allen, Katie Bowman, Domingo Cordoza, Tully McCarthy, Lynn McIndoo and Sangam Tiwari


Find Out What Some Graduate Programs Have to Offer YOU!
   by Edward W. Schroeder (UC Davis), Lynn Hildemann (Stanford University), Ashok Mulchandani (UC Riverside), Richard L. Corsi (The University of Texas at Austin)

Fall 2000No Featured AlumniDerek Baker Joins ERE Faculty
   by Derek Baker


A Fuel Cell For the Yurok Tribe
   by Christine Parra


Indoor Air Pollution: ERE grad to teach special course fall 2001
   by Rich Corsi


Thank You Michael!: ERE student donates $10,000 to ERE
   by Katie Bowman and Monica Martin


Bringing Adaptive Management to Life
   by Lance W. Vail


Felonies and Misdemeanors
   by Sheri Woo


SWE Receives $3400 Grant
   by Beth Eschenbach, Ph.D


ERE Hosts ASCE "Water Treatment from Your Kitchen" Competition
   by Matt Kennedy


Building Big: ASCE and PBS to educate the public about civil engineering
   by Heidi Gehlhaar


2000 Awards and Recognitions
   by Katie Bowman and Monica Martin


Scholarship Hints
   by Matt Kennedy


Manila BMX Track Community Service Project
   by Marc Leisenring

Spring 2000Duane Ono (1979)Eileen Cashman Joins ERE Faculty
   by Eileen Cashman


Ecological Approaches to Remediation and Restoration
   by Bob Gearheart, Ph.D


Subdivision Development: Doing it right
   by Steve Salzman


Students in the Workplace
   by Matt Kennedy


Brown Bag Lunches
   by Monica Martin


1999 Awards and Recognitions
   Katie Bowman and Monica Martin


Fish Habitat and Watershed Health in Eastern Oregon
   by John Kelley


ERE Students Filter the Competition
   by Katie Bowman and Monica Martin


ERE Student Supports Purchase of Environmentally Sound Paper
   by Michael Winkler


ERE Faculty Offices in Karshner
   by Monica Martin and Mike Anderson, Ph.D

Fall 1999Nancy Atkinson (1997)Caltrans Tests Vegetation Control Program
   by Caltrans Press Release


The Domenigoni Valley: Where paleontology meets water resources
   by Matt Kennedy


All About Al
   by Katie Bowman and Joanne Chan


A "Real Good" Experience
   by Monica Martin

Spring 1999Michael Plastino (1996)


Kemset Moore (1996)


Steven A. Allen (1996)

The Insane Story of MTBE and Lake Tahoe
   by Dawn Forsythe


Decommissioning the Humboldt Bay Nuclear Power Plant
   by Katie Bowman and Joanne Chan


Today Decides Tomorrow
   by Brian Exberger


Caltrans Finds New Solutions to Roadside Management
   by Patty Clary


Summer Internships
   by Jeff Olsen


CCAT: A Living Example
   by Anna Dijoux

Fall 1998Tracy Nishikawa (1981)


Wendy Humphries (1996)

Panoche Burn Site Remediation
   by Todd Thalhamer


My Radioactive Internship
   by Anna Shatara


ERE and ABET 2000 Accreditation
   by Beth Eschenbach, Ph.D


Environmental Resources Engineering: What's in a name?
   by Robert Gearheart, Ph.D


Why El Nino Meant More Winter Storms for Humboldt
   by Paul W. Blank


What's Happening in Water Resources?
   by Brad Finney, Ph.D


Ambition Brought Me from Ghana to Humboldt
   by Merci Lawson-Doe

Fall 1996Brett Borup (1980)


Sarina Ergas (1988)


Deana McKinney (1986)

Geology Field Camp
   by Mike Anderson, Ph.D


ERESA Visits Corvallis
   by Matt Dodge


Is There A Santa Claus
   from Spy Magazine


ERE Grads in University: Teaching and Research
   by Mike Anderson, Ph.D


Schatz Energy Research Center
   by Christine Parra


Kanektok Summer
   by John Rupp

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